Rotting meat causing stink near burned Dietz and Watson plant

DELANCO, N.J. - September 13, 2013

The distribution center in Delanco, Burlington County burned September 1st.

Now a certain stench has permeated the air.

"Stinkin'," said Joe Mourey. "Stinks out of this world."

Mourey likes to sit on his front porch. But racks of rancid Dietz and Watson meats charred by a fire nearly two weeks ago and sitting out under the hot sun since have kept him from doing it.

"The daughter actually got sick from it," said Mourey. "And my wife wasn't feeling too hot either."

"It's a shame this place caught on fire," said Al Kelley. "Now we are going into two weeks since the people who are suffering are us."

These Beverly Township neighbors are often downwind from the plant, and they are fed up. They say they've called Dietz and Watson, Delanco Township offiicals and the health department. But the cleanup remains stagnant.

"This is our first day of reprieve," said Kelley. "The wind is always blowing this way and we are smelling the rancid meat that is still on the racks in the building. It's horrible."

The Burlington County Health Department tells Action News the rotten meat doesn't pose a health risk. The department says it issued a letter to Dietz and Watson last week demanding the meat be cleaned up immediately.

Flare up fires have hampered cleanup efforts, and the health department says the company is apparently awaiting the go-ahead from its insurance company.

"Too much red tape, like everything else," said Mourey. "Too much red tape."

Dietz and Watson has not returned our phone calls. And our efforts to reach township officials have been unsuccessful.

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