Saving with 6abc: Track your money drains

September 16, 2013

According to financial experts, there are four common cash-drains many of us overlook.

1. Auto-Pay Addiction.
It may seem efficient, but you can lose a fortune on services you never use. For example if you forget about your Spotfiy account, you're out $120 a year. Experts recommend highlighting every auto-pay in your last bank statement and eliminating any overlap.

2. Restaurant Specials
Did you know that those mouth-watering, off-the menu dishes are often 30% more than standard entrees. Ask the price before you order.

3. Premium Gas
Most cars run perfectly fine on regular unleaded. Unless your owner's manual says your car requires premium, skip it.

4. Power down
Even if your gadgets and appliances are turned off, they're eating up energy if they're plugged in. Experts say you can save up to $200 a year by using power strips. Just remember to switch them off every night.

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