Daughter of Temple University professor comes face to face with Washington Navy Yard gunman

WASHINGTON, D.C. - September 16, 2013

His daughter Nalo is a civilian employee of the Navy Yard in Washington.

She came face to face with the gunman during the shooting Monday that ended with at least 12 dead.

Nalo survived and was able to call her father and describe what happened.

Here is what Professor Washington said:

She said he had a sawed-off shotgun. She said she begged him not to kill her. She said she looked into his eyes and she said she has never seen eyes as angry as this guy. At some point, it became apparent to her that her talking wasn't going to help, so she just turned and ran, still begging. She said the guy shot, but the shot missed her and she dove on the floor. She scrambled up and went out the door and actually ran to a whole other department.

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