Bensalem cops seek police impersonator

BENSALEM, Pa. - September 17, 2013

The incident happened around 1:00 a.m. Monday in the 3200 block of Hulmeville Road.

Police say the victim was stopped by a newer model, solid white Chevrolet Impala with flashing blue and red lights in the front grill, dashboard and rear deck.

The suspect asked for the victim's driver's license, police said, but appeared "nervous."

That's when the stopped driver got out of his car, because he felt he was dealing with an imposter.

The man then got back in the Impala and fled north on Hulmeville Road.

Police say it is possible the impersonator thought he stopped a female driver.

The suspect is described as a white male in his 40s, about six feet tall with a thin build and short, dark hair with a light beard. He had a "pointy" nose and sharp facial features, police say. He was wearing a blue, long-sleeve sweater with black pants and dark sneakers.

Anyone with information are asked to contact Bensalem Police at 215-633-3719 or anonymously at 215-633-3660 or email

Police also remind drivers that if you are stopped by someone and you feel it is not a police officer, lock your doors, ask the person for identification and call 911. A Police officers badge will have a Police Department name on it.

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