Philly helps effort to find bone marrow donors

PHILADELPHIA - September 18, 2013

As it turns out, the initiative was born in Philadelphia. It's one of 14 cities across the country participating in the effort.

It's called "City Swab," which aims find people who could be potential bone marrow donors.

In Center City, volunteers from "Racing to Register" and "Delete Blood Cancer" set up inside five office buildings.

All it takes is a little bit of paperwork and two 10 second swabs inside your cheeks.

"I always say 'it only takes one,' so if we find one match, that's great," said Tom Kramer, the founder of Racing to Register.

Kramer said his wife, Pam, has a rare blood cancer. When she needed a bone marrow transplant, she couldn't find a match. Thankfully, her condition is now stable.

Sadly, many aren't as fortunate. As registry stands today, only 40 percent of patients find a match.

But, the more people who sign up, the greater the chance is to match and save a life.

"It's definitely a great feeling and I am excited, I hope I am a match," said Brianna Reinford of Pottstown, Pa.

Even if you couldn't make it to one the registry events, you can sign up online 24 hours a day. They will send you the paperwork and swabs and you simply mail it back.

Event organizers said they more people to sign up, especially minorities because they typically have a more difficult time finding a match.

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