UK Eagles fan reunites with his lifesaver

CENTER CITY - September 18, 2013

On Wednesday, they reunited for the first time since fate brought them together.

The meeting in Center City was planned but back in December their encounter was all by chance.

Ritchie Gladstone may be from the UK, but he loves his American pro football. He was in town for the Bengals-Eagles game when he had a massive heart attack on SEPTA's Broad Street Line and collapsed.

As Action News first reported last year, Edith Haage, a Hatboro physical therapist who's pretty good at CPR, just happened to be in the same car.

"I just started yelling at people. I pointed four people out and said 'help me get him on the floor and you help me get everyone else out of the way,'" Haage said.

Haage revived Gladstone, paramedics took over and she went home.

"It was kind of like holding your breath and just wondering so it's just really incredible to be able to be standing here talking and knowing it really did turn out okay," Haage said.

Well it did. Gladstone was already back in England when Haage came forward.

The two spoke, but when the NFL fan decided to cross the pond again - this time for Thursday night's Andy Reid vs. Chip Kelly matchup - Gladstone knew who he really wanted to see.

"I knew I just had to meet her and express my gratitude face to face," Gladstone said.

Now that they've had their much anticipated reunion, both are ready for that much anticipated game.

"Go Eagles!" Haage said.

"Yeah, go Chip!" Gladstone said.

Gladstone will be going to the game with some of the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital nurses who treated him.

Haage can't join because, unfortunately, she doesn't have a ticket.

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