Find out what's happening on the Philadelphia arts scene

PHILADELPHIA - September 22, 2013

It's called the arts in philly dot org and it has all of the buzz on the hottest cultural happenings in our area….everything from music and dance to fine arts, theatre and the opera.

Joel Gibbs, Love The Arts In Philadelphia/ said, "There is no initiative like this anywhere in America."

The arts in Philly dot org tells you everything you need to know about 20 of the area's most prominent arts organizations… from the Philadelphia and Chamber Orchestras to the Barnes, the Mann, Broadway and the Ballet.

"On the events page, there's a tsunami of nodes that will take you to everything that's happening, in chronological order, in the coming days, in weeks, in the coming months," said Gibbs.

You can search by genre, presenting company or by date.

if you have family coming in for a week or ten days, you can say from this date to this date, what's going on in the arts in Philadelphia and immediately find everything amongst all of the organizations that we represent," said Gibbs.

And you can buy your tickets right on the website. There are also photo galleries, videos and music samples so you can get a taste of what you'll hear at an upcoming concert.

"Music and art is part of our very being.and what we want to do with The Arts in Philadelphia is bring all the arts lovers in Philadelphia and the surrounding regions to one place to drink it all in with great ease, easy to navigate and lots of fun," said Gibbs.

If you follow the arts in philly on twitter, you can enter for a chance to win free tickets to shows. There's at least one contest every week.

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