59th annual Hero Thrill Show packed with action

PHILADELPHIA - September 21, 2013

"He loves motorcycles, loves fire trucks, loves the police department," said Shareeta Smith.

Smith brought her son to watch some of his heroes in action.

It's a stunt show like no other, performed by the Philadelphia Highway Patrol Motorcycle Drill Team.

"These are some of the highest qualified drivers in the world, they come within inches of each other," said Jimmy Binns Jr.

The 59th annual Hero Thrill Show raises money for children of fallen police officers and firefighters.

"We pay for their college education wherever they want to go –Yale, Temple," said Binns.

Rob Skerski chose LaSalle University.

"It's amazing after what happened. You see something so terrible but see how great people can be after something like that happens," said Skerski.

The college senior studying criminal justice and business administration lost his father officer Gary Skerski in the line of duty in 2006.

This year's thrill show also paid a special tribute to fallen officer Brian Lorenzo. He was a co-captain of the drill team before he was killed by a drunk driver in July 2012.

"They gave up the ultimate sacrifice - their lives. I'm going to show these boys at a young age this is what you do, this is how you give back and support it," said Michael Gibbons.

Organizers say they expect between 50,000-60,000 people at Saturday's event.

With $10 a ticket plus the sale of t-shirts and food, it's a pretty solid amount of money for the children of our fallen heroes.

Binns says the Hero Thrill Show is currently paying college tuition for 17 students. He hopes it continues to grow and that the community continues to rally behind our City's finest and bravest.

"These guys have to know they go out there and put their life on the line that someone's there to have their back, God forbid they don't come home," he said.

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