Nation's first non-profit supermarket coming to Chester

CHESTER, Pa. - September 26, 2013

Called 'Fare and Square,' it is the first non-profit supermarket in the country.

"I just think it's awesome," said Chester resident Jennifer Kurz. "The healthy food is like, number one."

The store will have fresh meats, seafood and brand name products.

Until now, Chester residents have had to travel outside of Chester to shop for these things, making it what the USDA calls a food desert - areas where residents don't have access to nutritional food within their own community.

Bill Clark, Executive Director of Philabudance, says almost 50 percent of Chester residents don't have their own vehicle. Now, that won't be such a big problem.

The store is also the first to be owned and operated by Philabundance, making it a non-profit store, meaning lower prices.

In fact, Philabundance estimates prices could be eight to 10 percent lower than comparable stores in an urban setting.

Philabundance is also dedicated to creating jobs for Chester residents. Eighty percent of the 69 new employees live in Chester and most of them were hired after completing a Philabundance training program.

Some we spoke to have been looking for a job for some time.

"For the last three years I've been unemployed and to work in the city of Chester is just, it's wonderful for me, because I can walk to work," said Doretha Brown.

"They're giving people with a background a chance to actually do something with their life," said Cliff Newsome.

The store is also bringing a sense of pride back to the community.

"So we're going to try to make this work so we can show people that Chester is a good city," said Andre Dorsey.

The Fair and Square Supermarket is at 9th and Trainer Streets and the grand opening is Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

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