Google Glass could help ALS patients

PHILADELPHIA - September 27, 2013

Those who suffer from ALS - also known as Lou Gehrig's disease - lose the ability to move on their own.

Gary Beech, 43, is currently one of those battling ALS. He was an active father who raised two kids.

But, five years ago, he started to lose the ability to walk and move parts of his body.

He said the hardest part is "just losing the ability to do things on your own."

Beech is among those hoping Google Glass can help. The ALS Association of Philadelphia got a pair during the trail phase and Alisa Brownlee, the association's technology specialist, said the possibilities are endless.

With just a swipe of a finger or a voice command, you can send a text message, get information or take a picture.

Google Glass can also stream live video.

"So, if I have a smartphone, I could go to a child's graduation, take a photo, use "Face Time" and the individual with the glass can watch it wherever they are," Brownlee said. "They could interact with things they couldn't do before."

Gary thinks that once the technology has been fully tested, Google Glass will help him and many others reach new heights.

"I am not one to give up, so I keep trying to do anything I can to stay active," he said.

Brownleed said she hopes that, in the future, the glasses will also be able to work using only someone's eyes. Many times, people with ALS also lose the ability to move their arms and speak.

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