'Obamacare' goes live Tuesday, important links you need to know

PHILADELPHIA - September 30, 2013

But others not so sure.

They don't like the idea that in order to make the Affordable Care Act work, the government is mandating everyone who is eligible must get insurance or face fines.

For better or worse, Tuesday is the roll out of Insurance Marketplaces.

"The health insurance marketplace is like a virtual insurance megamall here you will find private insurers competing for your insurance," one instructional video says.

Polling suggests most of us know little about the nuts and bolts of law.

Bill England runs the local office of the nonprofit Enroll America. It is using 'get out the vote' techniques, going door to door targeting Pennsylvania's 400,000 uninsured who are eligible to sign up.

"Our aim is to get as much information out to as many people as we can about the Marketplace," Bill England said.

The message is the plans are not bare bones.

"Hospitalization is covered, preventive screenings are covered and prescription drugs are covered," England said.

Access to the Marketplace is via the web through the portal Healthcare.gov.

Once there the uninsured can sign up, get questions answered and, starting Tuesday, buy coverage.

There will be a range of plans dubbed Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Bronze have lower premiums but higher out of pocket costs if you need care.

Platinum have higher premiums but lower out of pocket costs.

Have questions?

Navigators hired by the government will be on staff starting Tuesday to help you.

"Understand what one plane means versus another, with deductible and copays and things of that nature," Rebecca Campbell of Resources for Human Development said.

So what will a plan cost?

It depends on age, location, and especially income, if below a certain level.

"The federal government will provide most people with a tax credits to make insurance more affordable," the instructional video says.

There are a number of online calculators where consumers can plug in their income, age and region to figure out the value of those tax credits.

The Government thinks about 60% of those who are not insured will find coverage for less than $100.

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