Items stolen from 35 cars in Falls Township

FALLS TWP., Pa. - October 2, 2013

One of the victims, Karen George, said she had her RV parked under a light.

"It's like daylight when the light is on," she said. However, someone still stole her battery.

Her RV was one of many hit by thieves in the Fallsington section of the township.

More cars were hit in Thornridge, including one belonging to Diane Beck, who is on the neighborhood watch. Someone broke into her Jeep, right in her driveway.

"They took the change," she said. "I had a cup full of quarters and nickels and dimes."

Police believe a theft ring is working together to hit these neighborhoods.

"We have incidents in which they are going down the street and anybody who has a locked car - they're passing your car and going to the next car looking for an open car. They're not breaking windows to get into the cars," said Lt. Henry Ward of the Falls Township police.

Loose change, gas cards and GPS devices are among the items stolen.

So, too, are guns.

"Obviously the people who are doing this are desperate," Ward said. "They're probably drug addicts and now they've just been equipped to move their game up to armed robbery," Ward said.

One arrest has been made. Edward Moon was allegedly caught with some of the stolen items. Police are now asking for the public's help in finding the rest of his group.

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