Exclusive: SEPTA hero recalls bus ride with gunman

OLNEY - October 2, 2013

The bus 18 ride Tuesday wasn't a typical one for Rodrick Graham.

After a few minutes, he noticed an odd man.

"I noticed this guy was still standing there next to the bus driver; he had his hands in his pocket and he was wobbling a bit," Graham said.

The bus proceeded down Rising Sun Avenue and stopped at Olney.

Graham says the guy was now holding the bus up.

"I started walking up the aisle, asking the question 'What are you gonna do? You gonna get off the bus or stay? You're going to make us late for work,'" Graham said.

Graham says that's when the suspect pulled a loaded .22 revolver.

He and another passenger sprang into action.

"We both grabbed his arm and I proceeded to put my forearm into his chest and pushed him back," Graham said.

The bus stopped. The two then threw the suspect out the door.

The gun was now on the ground. Graham picked it up.

They pleaded for the suspect to calm down.

"He calmed down a little bit but he asked for his gun back. I'm like, 'No. I'm not giving you the gun back.' He started going wild again," Graham said.

Finally the two Good Samaritans jumped back on the bus, weapon in hand, and the bus sped off.

Police caught up to and arrested Dwayne Bundy and he was brought here to Einstein Medical Center to be treated. That's because when he was taken into custody, police say they found the drug PCP.

"It's apparent he was on drugs. First of all, it's 6:00 a.m., he has eyes as big as quarters. Who wakes up like that? You can have 12 cups of cappuccino, your eyes don't get that big," Graham said.

Graham says his heroics were just a reaction.

"When people say they just react, that's what happened. My concern was getting to work on time," Graham said.

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