Latest safety features for your car

MILLBOURNE, Pa. - October 17, 2013

Can you have state-of-the-art safety without making that investment? An aftermarket device you can have installed in any car makes the answer an absolute "yes".

We visited Perzan Auto Radio in Millbourne...between West Philadelphia and Upper Darby.

They're one of the local franchisees for MobilEye.

It's a compact system of devices you can have installed in virtually any vehicle.

In just a couple of hours, your car will have all those safety features you've dreamed about, minus the new car payment.

Perzan's Erik Waserstein told 6abc there's one part a technician interfaces with your car's wiring. A second piece self-adheres to the back of your rear--view mirror.

There's a small "alert" device readout that affixes to the dashboard, giving you both audio and visual warnings if a hazard's ahead. And the whole thing can interface with many smartphones.

Perzan retails MobilEye for $999 plus tax, installed. Like the pre-installed systems in the newest cars, MobilEye offers lane departure warning if you're about to drift into an adjacent lane.

It warns if you're getting too close to the car ahead.

It can detect a pedestrian about to cross into your path of travel or of hazards on the road ahead. And it can control your high beams so you're never flashing bright lights at oncoming drivers.

Perzan always keeps the latest model in stock and appointments for installation are easy to set up. For more information, contact Perzan Auto Radio via their website. You can phone them at 610-734-1234.

Their showroom and shop are at 6409 Market Street in Millbourne, Delaware County, between West Philadelphia and Upper Darby, and footsteps west of the 63rd Street "El" stop.

MobilEye is also online.

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