Streets flood as storm hits shore communities

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. - October 10, 2013

The storm has stirred up the surf and it's also led to street flooding in many shore communities.

Barbara DeSimone of Ocean City reacted to today's flooding as an inconvenience, saying, "Oh well. The back bays always get flooded. It took me three street to go backwards to come get to West Ave."

Getting around Ocean City during a coastal storm is no easy task. High tide in the back bays always brings water into the street. Some think it's gotten worse since Superstorm Sandy.

Aaron Palermo of Upper Township says, "This seems to be the norm now. Any time we get a storm or nor'easter, come high tide the floodwaters just seem to be up a lot higher."

Atlantic City resident Arthur Neiman tells us, "It's pretty dramatic down here. We've seen some waves up to 15 foot, maybe 17 foot, and they would have gone to the top of the boardwalk if it was still here."

Neiman is a fisherman and beach comber who comes to the same stretch of sand often. Today though, he left his tools at home because the conditions were too rough to stay outside for any length of time. When he heard steady rain and heavy winds were blowing through, he worried about flooding after the damage he had during Superstorm Sandy.

"We got almost four feet of water in the apartment, $80,000 worth of damage with no flood insurance because we never had water. So, when they talking about flooding down here, everybody gets very nervous," explained Neiman.

Atlantic City's inlet section saw some wild wave action today. Over on the boardwalk near South Missouri Avenue, it was nearly deserted except for a few utility vehicles and pedestrians. Outside seating was soaked with tables empty of food and full of puddles. The weather had some visitors planning for an early departure, saying the storm was chasing them out of town.

Alice Chinshue of New York City says, "We were going to stay one more night, but then... the weather, it's going to be worse, so we're heading back."

Mary Dutton of Rockland County, New York tells us, "I'm going to go home earlier. I live up in New York and just drove down for a quick 48 hours and got stuck in it."

But of course, there are plenty of people inside enjoying the day safe from the elements.

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