Woman celebrates 100th birthday with feathered friend

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October 15, 2013 3:33:01 PM PDT
A special birthday party was thrown Tuesday for a south Jersey woman whose life is anything but fowl... and that's because her best friend is always close by, sitting on her shoulder.

Born in 1913 when stamps were just two cents and suffragists were still demanding women be allowed to vote, Adele Schlossberg is celebrating her 100th birthday surrounded by friends, family and her closest companion - a 37-year-old pet parrot Angel, who is usually found on her shoulder.

Adele explains, "Well, I talk to him and he answers me. When I say shut up just like that he keeps quiet."

Adele is part of the Life at Lourdes program in Pennsauken, which helps the elderly live safely at home. That's where this former circus fortuneteller and beauty shop owner is celebrating her big day, with a cake that had so many candles the fire department should've been on standby!

Her secret to a long life?

"Really it's so simple," Adele said. "All you have to do is to thine own self be true. That way you'll be true to God and true to yourself. Because when you do that, there's a certain peaceful feeling you get."

Adele has outlived her husband and two children, but is dearly loved by her extended family, including 15 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren

Adele granddaughter Janette Ritter tells us, "Oh we love her so much. I've never seen a cake filled with so many candles in my life. But we're so glad to celebrate her and her life."

"We all love each other,' Adele added.

Carol Kopil, a nurse at Life at Lourdes, explains, "[Adele] is active in everything, never misses bingo and has never ever come in without her makeup done and cool glasses on."

Because Bubbi, as the grandkids call her, loves birds that was the theme of her party, including a live demonstration of exotic birds.

After a century of life, Adele Schlossberg prays each day and with her constant companion on her shoulder, is happy and grateful for her long life.