Grand jury investigation into Coatesville texting scandal

COATESVILLE, Pa. - October 15, 2013

Former superintendent Richard Como and former athletic director Jim Donato resigned after it was discovered they exchanged hateful and sexist messages.

Board members are accused of trying to cover it up to save their own jobs.

The grand jury will be investigating those claims as well as allegations that school board members were receiving financial kickbacks.

The NAACP and the Pennsylvania State Education Board are holding the first of two public hearings at the Second Baptist Church on Merchant Street tonight where all eyes will be on Como and Donato, who have virtually disappeared since this texting scandal broke.

Nearly six weeks after Superintended Richard Como submitted his resignation amid allegations that he sent a slew of racially charged text messages about Coatesville students and staff, we found him at home where he has stayed out of the spotlight avoiding all questions... until now.

We asked him what he would say to people who think he is a racist. Como only mustered a no comment before walking away.

Today the NAACP is holding hearings to determine just that - if Como and the actions of other school leaders were racist and discriminatory.

At Donato's home there was no answer at the door, but his attorney later responded saying he had no comment.

Donato and Como are accused of using the "N word" repeatedly when describing students and others.

Last week Acting Assistant Superintendent Dr. Teresa Powell threw a third name in the mix - Acting Superintendent Angelo Romaniello.

Romaniello denies his involvement and is asking that the focus now turn to taking care of Coatesville's kids.

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