Stop and frisk Philadelphia officer seen in YouTube video knocking over basketball hoop

NORTH PHILADELPHIA - October 15, 2013

It was sent to Action News Monday night, same night it was posted on YouTube, and officials say it too is now part of an internal affairs investigation.

The video was taken in North Philadelphia and purports to show the 25th district officer approach a basketball hoop that was on the sidewalk. Almost immediately he attempts to push it back.

After moving it back a few feet, he proceeds to knock it down.

A person off camera can be heard saying, "This is what cops do around here. They harass us."

The Philadelphia police have seen the video, too.

"Internal affairs is conducting a full scale investigation on the incident, however, just based on what we can see, that's not something that's tolerated. I mean, what we can see, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what he's doing there," Lt. John Stanford of the Philadelphia Police Department said.

The video continues with Officer Nace talking to the two people who are off camera.

Person off camera: What's up?

Nace: You have a good day, sir. Both of you. Jesus loves you.

Person off camera: I'm Muslim.

It was last week that Officer Nace was placed on desk duty after an internal affairs probe was launched shortly after another YouTube video surfaced.

In the video, Nace and his unidentified partner stop and frisk two startled men who wonder what they've done.

One of the men provides his ID. Another refuses for at least 10 minutes and protests the treatment from officers.

"It's something that's very discouraging to look at; we don't train officers to interact with the public in such a way," Stanford said.

Action News has learned that Nace has several complaints accusing him of physical and verbal abuse during stops in 2010 and 2011.

Earlier this year, a complainant alleged Nace planted drugs on him.

The investigation is now on a fast track to determine an outcome with findings to be sent to Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey for appropriate action.

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