Parent calls Neshaminy school mascot racist

LANGHORNE, Pa. - October 16, 2013

Donna Boyle of Langhorne says she simply cannot understand how it's possible that the mascot for Neshaminy High School sports teams is still the Redskins.

Boyle says for her this issue is personal because she is part Choctaw and Cherokee.

"It's very hurtful. It's hurtful to every other Native American because it denigrates, it makes you so that you're their possession. They can tell you whether it hurts or not," Boyle said.

Boyle is referring to the Neshaminy School Board which she has been petitioning about this subject for years.

So now, she has taken her fight all the way to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.

Her formal complaint states that her son, a Neshaminy student, is subjected to seeing and hearing a term that is racist and derogatory on a daily basis.

Donna says the truth is she wishes she didn't need to go to state authorities.

"I certainly would love for them to just do it because it's the right thing to do, but I was pushed to do this," Boyle said.

Just recently that very term received some national attention.

A few weeks ago, President Barack Obama was quoted saying if he owned the NFL's Washington Redskins he would consider changing the team's name.

And while Boyle says she's learning about more and more people sympathizing with her cause, we did not find too many Neshaminy parents and students who fall into that category.

"I just think it's the nature of the area. We all went to school here. This is Neshaminy Redskins, you can't change that," 19-year-old Tyler Roach said.

"How can you expect the whole community to change their name, their ways, for you, one little family? If you're that offended, move on," Langhorne resident Gary Morin said.

The complaint could eventually lead to a public hearing conducted by the Human Relations Commission.

If the name Redskins is deemed discriminatory, the district could be ordered to change the high school's mascot for good.

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