Concussion experts to share latest knowledge

WYNNEWOOD, PA.; Oct. 18, 2013

But there is much less awareness off the field, and confusion about how often it happens.

So a local hospital is trying to change that for athletes and non-athletetes.

Dr. Peter LeRoux of Main Line Health says non-athletes can also get hurt and suffer concussions.

It can be difficult to diagnose and treat.

And telling a non-athlete to "rest" is a little tricky.

"What defines rest for them? they weren't playing in the game. Do they just sit around at home & do nothing? Do they watch TV or not? Do they read a book? or not? Can they use their cell phone or not?" he says.

Dr. LeRoux is leading a meeting on the latest concussion information this Thursday.

It's free, and open to parents, coaches, school nurses, physical therapists, school administrators, and others.

The meeting will present information on preventing concussions and mild head injuries in adolescents and adults; how to recognize warning signs that a concussion/mild head injury has occurred; and how to determine when it is appropriate to return to school, work or play.

The keynote speaker is Phil Martelli, head coach of St Joseph's University men's basketball.

To register, visit, or call 1-866-CALL-MLH.

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