Puppy found with ears cut off in Upper Darby

UPPER DARBY, Pa. - October 19, 2013

The 8-week-old puppy was discovered Wednesday under the 69th Street Bridge.

A woman found the dog and took him to Stoney Creek Veterinarian Hospital.

Doctors gave the pit bull injections for pain and closed his wounds.

Investigators believe the dog was being raised to fight.

"This was done with no pain medication, no anesthesia, he likely was held down while it was done. To do this to a dog, especially so young, it's very disheartening," said Dr. Kelly Slattery.

Although the puppy's ears are disfigured, he did not suffer any hearing loss.

Doctors nicknamed him 'VanGogh' and are training him so that he can be adopted into a forever home.

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