1st same-sex wedding in Lambertville, NJ

LAMBERTVILLE, N.J. - October 20, 2013

With the ceremony officiated by the mayor, Joanne Schailey and Beth Asaro tied the knot.

Hours before, it was a busy evening inside Schailey and Asaro's home as they made last minute preparations.

"It's so much bigger than we are which is great because if it was just about us, it would be too much," said Beth Asaro.

It's been six years since their civil union but they became one of the first gay couples to tie the knot in the Garden State.

"It all started Friday at 2:30 and it pretty much hasn't stopped," said Schailey.

Friday, the state's Supreme Court cleared the way for same sex marriages.

However with the flurry of activity over the weekend for applications for marriage licenses came logistical problems.

There were reports of confused town clerks who weren't given instructions by the state on how to administer licenses to gay couples.

Some have been denied, but many like Schailey and Asaro have the green light to wed.

This community plans to celebrate - the Justice Center is decorated and so is the cake.

"This was a really great town. We just want to kind of thank everybody for being so supportive of us," said Schailey.

The couple only had two days to put the finishing touches on their ceremony but they say for their union, they've been prepared for quite a long time.

"We'll feel so much safer and more secure and I think we'll just be able to kind of breathe easier," said Asaro.

Schailey and Asaro, who have a 13-year-old daughter together, were surrounded by loved ones, neighbors and a lot of media cameras.

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