2 charged in $500,000 work van thefts in Delaware County, Philadelphia

WEST PHILADELPHIA - October 22, 2013

Electrician Pedro Edney has been out of work for almost a month since his work van was stolen along with his high priced power tools.

"It completely devastates me because I can make anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 a day if I have everything I need," Edney said.

Philadelphia police say Joseph Murray and Antoine Gardiner are the men behind the van thefts.

"Some were tracked using GPS, tracked to the area of 51st and Lancaster Avenue," Philadelphia Police Detective Jack Logan said.

Earlier this month, Philadelphia's Major Crimes Auto Squad set up a surveillance operation at that location.

They were watching as Edney's van pulled up.

Detectives say the duo confessed after being arrested.

Murray would steal the trucks and unload them at Gardiner's warehouse.

Gardiner would allegedly sell the tools on the streets.

Police estimate the total haul at a $500,000.

"The morning we did the job, they did two to three vans and that was enough for us," Logan said.

"It breaks your heart, you get angry, you get mad," Edney said.

Edney says he needs to get his truck fixed before he can get back in business. He hopes a judge puts the duo behind bars for a long time.

"This completely puts me out of business, unable to function, cuts my income, and I have to rely on my friends and family to help me out financially so I can get by," Edney said.

Both suspects are in a Delaware County jail facing a long list of charges.

Police expect to arrest one or two more people connected to the ring.

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