Healthy snacks kids will like

October 25, 2013

Chef and Nutritionist Diane Henderiks showed us her top kid-friendly healthy snacks.

Kids like to dip so she recommends hummus and tortilla chips - great for crunching and for protein. Veggies are also great for dipping.

Fresh salsa and chips are also good as a small snack.

Next, an old favorite - peanut butter and a few crackers. Just be sure to use natural peanut butter.

"So when you look at the jar of peanut butter it should say peanuts or peanuts and salt. Nothing else," explained Henderiks.

Other easy options include yogurt, low fat cheese and fruit, and popcorn - air-popped with a little salt or olive oil.

This one, I'm not too sure of...

"It is seaweed snacks. Not every kid is going to love them but my 15 year old loves them so I always put it out as an option," Henderiks said.

They are super nutritious, so it's worth a shot if you have an adventurous eater.

Lastly, fig cookies are great, or or Diane's homemade energy bar.

A lot of the energy bars have a lot of artificial ingredients, but Henderiks tells us this is all-natural.

"All-natural. I use orange juice to sweeten it and a little bit of honey and the rest is low fat milk and seeds and grains."

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