Students, residents help cleanup Pottstown

POTTSTOWN, Pa. - October 25, 2013

Orange vests dotted the streets on Friday.

"We're just cleaning up around Pottstown," said Soaad Elbahwati.

"It's kind of a community effort," said Jordan Defilipo.

"We're just picking up trash and leaves and stuff and trying to help out the community," said Jeremy Jacobs.

These Hill School students were part of a group of almost 800 people who came together to clean up the borough.

While the students and other community volunteers were pulling weeds, picking up trash and raking leaves - it wasn't all work.

"We're having so much fun," said Elbahwati.

"While we're doing the work, I have a lot of friends helping out and playing music so it's a fun time," said Jacobs.

"It's a fun experience, something I've never done before," said Defilipo.

On top of cleaning up outside, inside at Pottstown Senior High School, they also held a blood drive.

"It's been really nice, when we started out at the end of the block, people were honking their horns, asking what we were doing and saying 'Thank you," said Sarah O'Dell, teacher.

The group had about five blocks to clean and it was an assignment that the students say they feel good about completing.

"It feels nice that I'm helping out my community and where I live. Other people will notice that and think that they can help out to and be inspired to do community work," said Elbahwati.

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