Phila. officers suspected in Kensington break-in

KENSINGTON - October 25, 2013

Sources say Wednesday night around 8:00 p.m., five members of the 24th District Narcotics Enforcement Team, known as NETS allegedly broke into a family's home in the 2900 block of Hurley Street.

They allegedly broke in through a window when nobody was home under the auspices that it was a drug house.

However sources say, they had no warrant, found no drugs and ended up taking a Police Explorers Uniform to memorialize the event.

"I feel really hurt. That's something I've been waiting for and it was just taken," said Keyshlyne Patterson.

15-year-old Patterson has been working for over a year as a member of the Police Explorer's Club, an organization for young people interested in becoming police officers.

The family didn't know that their house had been broken into until they returned home the next day.

"From afar, I saw my gate and my door open, so I knew something was wrong. I automatically called police and told them that someone broke into my home," said India Torres.

Torres had no idea that it was police officers who allegedly broke into her home until neighbors told them.

She called Internal Affairs telling them they picked the wrong family.

"I don't own that much stuff in my house and the little bit of stuff I have is very valuable. I work hard to have this house and for someone to just come in and destroy it - it's not gonna happen," said Torres.

On Thursday night, detectives from Internal Affairs went to the 24th District and sealed off the officer's locker room with yellow crime scene tape.

Sources say they recovered the Police Explorers uniform and other items from one of the lockers.

All five officers were asked to turn in their guns and have been placed on desk duty pending further review by the police commissioner.

Meanwhile Torres says she has no idea why her home was targeted.

"We live in a drug infested area. They assume everyone is the same, they don't separate the good people from the bad people. They just assume everyone is the same and they treat everyone the same way and it has to stop," she said.

Action News is not naming the five officers involved because they have not been charged with a crime.

Meanwhile the Fraternal Order of Police says they are aware of the investigating but are awaiting the final outcome.

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