House arrest for man who killed neighbor's dogs

WEST CHESTER, Pa. - October 28, 2013

Gabriel Pilotti, 73, was sentenced to 90 days of house arrest and two years of probation.

He will also have to pay $1,600 in restitution, will have to surrender his weapons and will also have to perform community service.

Pilotti was found guilty back in September of killing the Bernese mountain dogs - 2-year-old Angus and 1-year-old Fiona - after they had escaped the fenced yard of their owners, Mary and William Bock.

Pilotti earlier said he feared the dogs would hurt his sheep.

In court on Monday, Pilotti apologized to the family, tell them he is 'overwhelmed with guilt.'

The judge called the killings 'heartless and unnecessary' during sentencing.

Pilotti faced up to five years in prison.

However, after court, William Bock said his family didn't want to see Pilotti go to jail.

"There could have been a little bit stiffer sentence from the standpoint of probation time, but from the standpoint of going to prison - we didn't feel that was appropriate as a family," Bock said.

"We just wanted him to be responsible for his actions. He apologized to us - I just accepted his apology in the courtroom - and we're ready to more on," Bock continued.

The judge told Pilotti he wanted him to do the community service in an animal support agency, but they want nothing to do with him.

"I'm sure the board would look at it as putting a sex offender in a child care unit, same scenario. Mr. Pilotti would not be welcome in our organization," said Conrad Muhly of the Chester County SPCA.

Meanwhile, the Bocks have adopted three other Bernese mountain dogs and say they'll donate the restitution money to the SPCA.

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