Election workers pull man from burning home

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - November 6, 2013

Milagros Cintron says it was simply the most disturbing thing she had ever seen.

"He didn't know what to do when he was on fire so he just looked at me and he was really like wondering what was going on."

Cintron says she was in the neighborhood encouraging people to vote yesterday afternoon just as the fire started.

The victim was working under the hood of his car on Brookdale Street when something caught fire. She says the man was in such shock that she had to push him outside to spray him with a garden hose.

"I put him out and he was just in shock and I kept asking questions. 'Is there anybody else in the house? What's going on?' And he couldn't answer for a few minutes," explained Cintron.

When he finally did answer he said his wife was on the second floor. So, Cintron and two other Election Day volunteers ran inside to get her out of the house... just in time.

Cintron says, "At that point the car that was in the garage went up in flames and it escalated to the top of the house."

Action News spoke with neighbors who say Milagros Cintron's actions restored their faith in humanity.

And what did Milagro Cintron do after she saved two people from a burning home?

"I continued handing out flyers... remember to vote!"

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