FYI Philly: Airport's Terminal F now stands for "Fun"


The all-new Terminal F features 20 places to eat and shop, and it even has a spa.

The food court focuses on local favorites like Philly Pretzel Factory, Tony Luke's and Le Bus Bakery. "In my humble opinion, it will rival any food court in any airport," says Jim Tyrell, Deputy Director of Aviation for Property Management & Business Development.

Sot w/ Mel Hannah/VP and GM, Marketplace Philadelphia Mgmt. FYI Fall Features Airport Expansion Clip 4181 @ 10:38:35 R:10 A: it's like a dining room in here M: that's what we were trying to shoot for, to make sure that during the down time, while you're waiting for your flight, you had you know some great options to choose from but also to be able to relax and enjoy the environment

In the mood for finer dining? Local Tavern is by Philly's own Iron Chef, Jose Garces. It comes complete with a Philly flair.

"All around in the back and along the walls, you have the signatures of the Declaration of Independence," says Sean Aziz. Each seat has its own iPad; It's the first use of iPad technology by the Philly International Airport!

"It tracks your flight in real time so you can sit, enjoy a great glass of wine, a great meal and be alerted when your flight is ready to board," Aziz added.

You can also use the iPad to check your email and surf the web. The iPad also takes your order and shoots it to the chefs in the kitchen.

"Our servers are focused entirely on hospitality," says Aziz. "So if you're sitting here, our servers can recommend a great wine pairing. If you want a neck pillow for your flight, they can run and go buy you a neck pillow."

If you need to knock some last minute gifts off your list, there's a Kiehl's and a Fire & Ice offering everything from jewelry to Russian nesting dolls and funky wine glasses.

When Terminal F opened in 2001, there were just 5 stores. Now there are four times that many. As we head into the busy holiday travel season, 25,000 to 28,000 people a day will be going through Philly International on US Airways alone.

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