Chester Co. deputies sport goatees for a cause

WEST CHESTER, Pa. - November 8, 2013

And while it is November, when men across the globe are growing facial hair to raise awareness of men's health, the deputies in West Chester have a different goal.

Entering the Chester County Justice Center, we encountered Security Officer Matos wearing a goatee, which is not unusual. But then we met Deputy McKinney, Deputy Heisler, Corporal Hansen, Deputy Clauhs and Deputies Johnson and DeSando.

Deputy Brad DeSando says, "When most of us got into law enforcement it was with the thought of helping out others."

Deputies DeSando and Johnson thought of a way to give back to the community by asking to wear goatees on the job for six months, during which the fifteen participating men would contribute ten dollars per pay check or a total of one hundred thirty dollars, per deputy to a worthy cause, like to children in need.

We asked Deputy Wayne Johnson how he is adjusting to the new look.

"I like it, so does my wife," he says with a laugh. "That's all that matters."

Department policy only permits mustaches, but allowed the chin hair when it learned it was for charity, and the deputies agreed to keep them well-groomed.

Chester County Sheriff Bunny Welsh explains, "The deputies deal everyday with all kinds of circumstances here that can be unpleasant, and it's a little bit of morale for them that they're doing something that's fun."

Deputy Andrew Clauhs just returned from Kuwait.

"Every day we were required to shave and get haircuts. So it's nice to come home and let it grow out a little bit."

Yes, I met some deputies with goatee beards.

They had a cause they held quite dear.

Their patches of fur - black, brown, silver too.

And shades between of amber hue.

All were friendly despite their sneer.

These deputies with goatee beards.

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