Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy introduces new baby

POMONA, N.J. (AP) - November 21, 2013

While it is a blessed occasion for the former congressman and his family, it is also a bittersweet one on the eve of a heart-breaking anniversary.

Patrick Kennedy and his wife Amy are introducing the newest member of the Kennedy clan: Nora Kara Kennedy.

The little girl was born Tuesday at Atlanticare Regional Medical Center in Galloway, weighing in at 6 pounds, 11 ounces and 18 and a quarter inches long.

"Just as a baby, she seems to have such a sweet disposition, she seems really calm," said new mom Amy Kennedy.

The Kennedys, who live in Brigantine, now have 3 children--including a son, 18 month old Owen and 5 year old Harper, Amy's daughter from a previous marriage.

Nora's arrival makes this a bittersweet week for the Kennedy family.

While they celebrate her birth, they are also marking the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's death.

"I think this is so symbolic of the circle of life and that how life keeps moving forward. And we can look back in time and think about what would have been, but we have to live for today, and we have to live for the future, and they would want us to do that and that's why this marks such a special occasion," said Patrick Kennedy.

Patrick Kennedy is the son of the late Senator Ted Kennedy. His uncle, the President, was assassinated before Patrick was born, and though he never knew him, he feels like he did.

"I knew him through my father. I knew him through my aunts and uncles who gave me a sense of the fact we were all connected," said Patrick.

Kennedy says on this sad anniversary, he will pray for his Uncle Jack and all of his cousins who had to grow up without a father.

And as he and his wife welcome little Nora to the world, they are looking ahead-- but remembering the past.

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