Study: Child an hour injured on high chairs

COLUMBUS, OHIO; Dec. 9, 2013

They are used day-after-day, several times a day.

But safety experts at Nationwide Children's Hospital found that about once an hour - about 10,000 times a year - a child is hurt on a high chair.

They say two major factors contribute to the injuries - First some chairs have been recalled, but are still in homes.

And second, all too often, kids aren't properly restrained in the chairs.

That leads to the most common injury - head injuries from falls.

"Two-thirds of those children were either climbing or standing in the chair. Which tells us that one of the things parents need to remember is those children need to be strapped in, using the restraint systems in those chairs," says injury specialist Dr. Gary Smith.

And in addition to using the restraint straps, parents can also lessen the chance of falls by keeping high chairs away from tables or countertops.

Injury specialists Tracy Mehan adds, "They're naturally curious, so they are going to grab anything they can have in their sights. So, table cloths, placemats, hot cups of coffee, plates of food, sharp silverware. All that should be out of reach of a child."

Some kids were also able to tip the chairs over by pushing off tables and counters.

Parents should also periodically check for their chairs on to see if theirs has been recalled.

Parents can also look for 'JPMA' or 'ASTM' stickers on the backs of chairs which means they meet the safety standards.

JPMA products have the backing of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, while ASTM International is formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials.

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