Philadelphia firefighter adopts cat that was set on fire

PHILADELPHIA - November 27, 2013

The Pennsylvania SPCA said that Lieutenant Stephen Paslawski will bring the cat, Campbell, home to join his other cat, Tink.

PSPCA officials said Paslawski was one of the first people to get in touch with them about adopting Campbell after news of the horrific attack broke.

In a news release from the PSPCA, Paslawski is quoted as saying "I was disgusted that anyone could do this to any animal."

"I had recently put another cat I had down due to a large tumor, and with me being a firefighter, Campbell being burned, and the loss of my other cat, it just seemed like a perfect fit," he said.

The statement continued, "After a few minutes of petting him in the cage, he put his paws up on me and climbed onto my shoulder as if to say, I choose you. I knew right then it was meant to be. He'll have a loving home for the rest of his life."

Campbell will be in the PSPCA shelter hospital's care for a few more weeks.

Meanwhile, two suspects have been charged in this case. Tyrique Hall and Jose Sanchez were charged with Conspiracy, Possession of an Instrument of Crime, and Cruelty to Animals. They could each face up to ten years in jail.

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