Thanksgiving rush for baked goods, specialty desserts

PHILADELPHIA - November 27, 2013

By Thanksgiving Eve, most people have everything set for your meal, but what about desert?

Hundreds of people were jamming bakery shops on Wednesday to pick up that last minute pumpkin, sweet potato or pecan pie, or that special holiday cake they ordered weeks ago.

"I'm here to pick up the sweet Jazmine cake," said Beth Hixson. She said she ordered it four weeks ago to insure she got one.

Tucked away on a Bridge Street in Berwyn is the tiny shop called Jazmins.

That's Sweet Jazmines, where owner, Kim Cuthbert has quite a customer list for holidays like this.

Cuthbert says sweet potato is her most popular seller this Thanksgiving.

"Anything sweet potato, to be honest. We do sweet potato muffins, cheesecake. We're experimenting with doing some sweet potato bread pudding," said Kim.

But there's also a demand for Spring Delight cakes on this holiday - that's a pound cake with raspberry marmalade and lemon curd filling.

With weather like this, who couldn't use a little Spring Delight?

The Northen family of Wayne ordered the cake and still wants cupcakes for the holiday.

"With vanilla butter cream icing," said Andrew Northen. "It's one of my favorite cupcakes."

"I have a cherry cheesecake and a lemon delight cake," said Pamela Cobb.

But Floss Izzo says she bought her dessert a little too early.

"I got sweet potato muffins; they are gluten free. I brought them home, so they all tasted them. They ate them all. I had to come back and get the rest of them," said Izzo.

But for most, it was last minute dessert shopping.

At Denise's Delicacies in North Philadelphia, dozens lined up 15 minutes before closing for her decadent pound cake which comes in a host of variations including lemon glaze, marble and caramel apple.

So many desserts to choose from, so little time to pick up and enjoy.

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