Charges filed in alleged chop shop raid in North Philadelphia

NORTH PHILADELPHIA - December 6, 2013

Authorities say 55-year-old John Little and 34-year-old Kurt Maier are charged with auto theft, receiving stolen property, and other related charges.

After several weeks of surveillance, detectives with the Major Crimes Auto Squad raided the alleged chop shop on Thursday afteroon on the 2900 block of Croskey Street.

"We have approximately 15 vehicles here that are chopped up and identified so far. There's more to be identified," Philadelphia Police Detective Jack Logan said.

Police say the thieves were selling the parts on Craigslist.

The parts are worth three times as much on the street.

Police say the thieves stole a truck, still with a warranty sticker on the window, from a Bensalem Car dealership.

According to investigators, the suspects also stole five maintenance trucks from the Penn Delco School District, two in June and three more in October.

Action News obtained surveillance video of the thefts.

Police say Little and Maier are the two men ripping off the trucks, one after another.

"Just speaking to a representative of Penn Delco, they just replaced the five vehicles and cost the school district $200,000, just to replace the five trucks that the idiots chopped up," Logan said.

"The bad guys don't care whether they are stealing taxpayer dollars and it's our job to find them, arrest them, and lock them up," Aston Police Sgt. Mike Ruggieri said.

Meanwhile police say the owner of the warehouse raided today was unaware of the alleged chop shop and is cooperating with authorities.

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