Restaurants on, near South Street damaged, burglarized

PHILADELPHIA - December 10, 2013

Business owners say they are tired of the break-ins and the vandalism.

Police released surveillance video of the suspect smashing a brick through the side window at Omega Pizza on 22nd and South. He hops through the window, makes his way to the cash register, steals some quarters and then casually walks to the window and crawls out.

Down the street, the thief is suspected of smashing the front door at Honey's Sit N Eat, and went for the Point of Sale System after breaking in.

"Not a whole lot of damage," said Eric Courtweight. "Obviously the door cost a little bit to us. But mainly our concern is for the neighborhood. Same guy may have hit multiple places, but we don't know."

Police say he is suspected of at least a half dozen smash and grabs in the area including, D'Mitris, Gavins Café at 26th and Pine, Resurrection Ale House on Grays Ferry, and the Palm Tree Gourmet on 20th and Pine.

Investigators are still trying to positively link him to the crimes.

In many of the crimes, he got away with little or nothing.

"Hopefully he learns his lesson and gets caught. He didn't get anything from us; seems like a lot of trouble to get nothing," said Courtweight.

Police are asking anyone who may have seen anything in the area to contact police.

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