Weekend of rivalry, tradition for Army-Navy game

PHILADELPHIA - December 13, 2013

On Friday afternoon there was an Army vs. Navy pull-up competition with teams of eight vying for how many pull ups can be done in five minutes. The answer: 276.

The Army won this round but the two squads squared off in a tug-of-war and the Rocky relay up the Art Museum steps.

Is Army-Navy weekend festive? Well, where else could you dance with a goat and not seem out of place.

It's a weekend full of good natured competition.

On Friday, the Navy's Blue Angels flew in. The plan is for them to fly over Saturday's game, given the forecast that is up in the air.

"We're always looking at the weather, we're hoping that it holds out," said Lt Cmdr. Dave Tickle, Blue Angels.

For all the Army-Navy rivalry, there is a deep sense of respect for one another.

Army Sgt. First Class Leroy Petry came to rally the cadets of West Point. The Medal of Honor recipient, who lost his hand saving two soldiers, put the rivalry in perspective.

"It's healthy competition between the two. We play hard against each other but we fight harder together," said Sgt. First Class Petry.

Army-Navy fans say it is a sporting event like no other.

"You get chills when hear National Anthem played at the beginning. It just has a lot of meaning to it," said Matthew Riloff, U.S. Naval Academy.

"It's like a family. You fight and compete with brothers and sisters at home and in the end we all love each other," said Hannah Metheny, U.S. Military Academy.

"I suggest to anybody has not been to an Army Navy Game - get there! It will make you proud of your country," said Karen Riloff.

The first Army-Navy game was in 1890. The two teams played in Philadelphia for the first time in 1899.

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