$4,500 stolen in South Philadelphia home invasion

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA - December 15, 2013

Around 5:00 p.m. police say three men forced their way into a home on the 2100 block of Howard Street and roughed up the victims.

"Two doors away from me, friends of mine are being robbed. It's sickening and it's sad and it's the world we live in," said John Sullivan, neighbor.

The thieves held down the couple, ripped the phone line out of the wall and searched for cash.

Investigators say they got away with $4,500 and a coin collection.

Only Action News was there as detectives spent the evening inside the home investigating.

"They're friends. I love them. They were good friends of my grandfather, who just passed away last week, and I think this is horrible, absolutely horrible," said Sullivan.

The female victim was so shaken up, paramedics transported her to Jefferson University Hospital to be checked out.

Neighbors don't know why anyone would want to target the couple, they've been retired for quite some time and help keep an eye on the street.

"They watch us park our cars. They make sure the cars are parked okay, just nice people," said Kathy Gibson, neighbor.

Police are still investigating and are hoping to find survellience video from the area.

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