2 suspects in custody after New Jersey home invasion

MT. EPHRAIM, N.J. - January 29, 2014

Police say a second home was broken into as one of the suspects tried to make his getaway.

Investigators say they are trying to figure out why the home in the quiet community was targeted.

The suspects spent the evening inside the police department being processed for a long list of crimes.

21-year-old Khristian Hodge and 19-year-old Julius Patterson were charged with the home invasion and a long list of other crimes.

Police say they were led on a foot chase before one of the suspects broke into another home to hide.

The neighbors the Mount Ephraim community are on edge.

"I just feel a lot less safe," said Delores Weber. "You know you watch TV and you always see it's somewhere else."

Investigators say the two armed men walked into the home of a 60-year-old man in the 100 block of East Buckingham Avenue just before 3:00 p.m.

He was at home with his teenage daughter and his adult son.

The father grabbed a kitchen knife scaring the suspected home invaders while the son ran right out of the house and called 911.

Mount Ephraim Police responded so quickly they say they saw the men leaving the house.

"We kept them in the line of sight. We were able to apprehend the first suspect which was a little bit slower, then the second suspect, he continued to flee from us and as he was doing that, he broke into another house," explained Captain Brian Conte.

That house was on nearby East Kings Highway. Sisters Brittany Barcelles and Kaitlyn Gibison say they saw Hodge run toward their neighbor's home.

"I was kind of standing there like looking around then I heard the glass break my heart just dropped to my stomach. I was deathly afraid," said Kaitlyn Gibison.

The daughter of the 80-year-old homeowner showed us how the suspect broke a back window, ran through the house and hid in the basement before police moved in. Her mother wasn't home.

"Even in this weather, I can't believe she went out because she's 80-years-old, and she's very spritely but she just decided to go to Shoprite so thank God she wasn't here because you know that was scary," said Marietta Canavan.

Police say Hodge suffered cuts when he broke into that second home. He was checked out at the hospital.

Both he and the other suspect are from Pennsauken.

Officers recovered drugs and a handgun.

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