Free diner for sale in Lawrence Twp., New Jersey

LAWRENCE TWP., N.J. - December 20, 2013

Unused for decades, it sits on property along Route 1 in Lawrence right next to Mrs. G's appliance store.

Debbie Schaeffer's family has owned the property for years. It's now being developed to build a new Mrs. G's along with a Wawa and a bank.

The diner has got to go and you can have it for free - you just have to pay to move it.

"I would love to see it go to someone; there's people out there who collect diners all over the country. They might be interested in it or somebody local," Schaeffer said.

It's one of only five diners left built by the New Jersey-based Mountain View Diner Company which closed back in 1957.

"It is in a lot of disrepair. As you can see from the outside and inside a lot of pieces are missing," said Schaeffer.

However the feel of an old time diner and the possibilities of what it could be again are still in there.

"It still has the original red swirly seats and a lot of the chrome and stainless steel. They don't make it like that anymore," said MaryAnn Bentley.

"I would like to have a diner, but I can't afford to move it so the idea is great, the thought is great, but the finance behind it, not so much," said Irma Glover.

"I know they make recreations of them, but having an original is really great and I think they should preserve that," said Frank Lettieri.

So if you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet and are looking for an unusual gift, the price is right - you just have to move it.

It's one present that definitely won't fit under the Christmas tree.

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