'Community Claus' visits Southwest Philadelphia family


Every year, Good Samaritan Paul "Earthquake" Moore dons his Santa Claus suit and helps deliver Christmas to families in need. He did that a few days ago.

But on Thursday, Santa Moore heard about a Southwest Philadelphia couple with chronic medical conditions living on a fixed income. They couldn't afford a Christmas tree or presents for their three kids. So Moore, who calls himself the 'Community Claus,' had to act.

"Let's go wish them a Merry Christmas," Santa Moore told the Action New cameras as he entered the family's home.

His bag of toys and goodies was so full he had a hard time getting it through the door.

11-year-old Chris Miles screamed, 'Yes! Thank you!' at the sight of his present.

Santa also brought games for the parents, as well as, a good amount of food:

"You got some sweet potatoes and vegetables to go with that," Santa Moore said.

For the kids, this belated Christmas was magical.

"It felt good. I was surprised you came to this house," Chris told Santa.

Santa replied, "You thought you were getting nothing all year, didn't you?"

Chris shook his head in agreement.

"I'm thankful for what you brought me," the 11-year-old told Santa.

The children and adults were elated, not only by Santa's presents, but his presence.

"I feel happy and relieved; it put a smile on my face, my kids', and it's going to put a smile on my wife's face when she comes back," James Miles said.

There are many families out there in need and many of them get help through the generosity of others, but Moore well knows that some fall through the cracks.

"I said, 'I'm gonna get them something', I don't know what it is, but the Lord touched my heart to go spend some money," Santa Moore said.

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