Local 3-year-old girl meets Queen Elizabeth

PENNSVILLE, N.J. - December 27, 2013

Little 3-year-old Audrey Olli is not shy.

She lives in Deptford, England right now with her parents. Her dad, who is from Pennsville, New Jersey, is stationed there with the United States Air Force.

The family went to Sandringham on Christmas Day to see the royal families' holiday traditions, since they were far away from their own.

"It's their tradition that after the church service, the royal family comes out and greets the crowd, and the children get to stand in line and present the queen with flowers. So Audrey stood in line and gave her flowers to the queen," said Amanda Olli, mom.

"Gave her flowers and I forgot to hold her hand and say hello but I'll do it tomorrow," said Audrey Olli.

That's right, while Audrey says she forgot to hold her hand and say hello, she did have her picture taken with the queen.

Her family had no idea that the 3-year-old had gotten so close.

"Just thought to look at the paper and opened it up and was pretty surprised to see her picture there," said Dan Olli, dad.

"She was right up front, holding her bouquet of flowers and the queen stopped and took them," said Mary Jane Mooney.

Back home in New Jersey, their family is thrilled to see that the three are doing so well overseas.

"They're making the best of being away from their families at Christmas time," said Mooney.

It's a memory that a bold 3-year-old and her family will never forget.

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