Philadelphia police to wear Saints gear to keep order at Eagles game

PHILADELPHIA - January 2, 2014

"Unruly, rude, threatening behavior, it's simply not going to be tolerated and you're going to be ejected from the stadium or arrested," Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan told Action News Thursday.

The game is sold out and the stands at Lincoln Financial Field will be full of boisterous, enthusiastic on game day.

But bird brains won't be tolerated.

During the last home game against Chicago, 15 fans were arrested and 68 were ejected.

The police have a lot of eyes and ears in the stadium and some will be in disguise.

They'll be wearing New Orleans Saints jerseys and hats. So, be careful who you pick on.

"I would be very hesitant about that. There were many Eagles attendees that left early during the Chicago game for that very same reason," Sullivan said.

The stadium code of conduct is posted prominently around the stadium and the police say they will be extra vigilant.

They're asking fans to arrive early because it may take longer to get through security.

Snow will also be an issue at the stadium.

The Eagles promise to have the parking lots cleared and most of the snow removed from the stadium before game time.

The idea is to keep snowballs out of the hands of the fans.

Those who do throw snow or anything else will be arrested.

"I really don't think snowballs are going to be an issue, but there's no reason for anybody to throw anything during a game. Anyone who is will not be in that game very long," Sullivan said.

As for traffic, the parking lots will not open until 1:30 p.m. Saturday so no early tailgating.

One added note, if the Eagles win, do not try to join the party at the stadium complex. The police will be cutting off access routes.

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