6abc Holiday Food Drive 2013 most successful in history

PHILADELPHIA - January 7, 2014

ACME brought in a whopping 247,000 pounds of food for the 6abc Holiday Food Drive, an astounding 200% more food than it collected last year.

"We're in the food business and people are hungry, so what better way to help the community than to help Philabundance?" ACME President Jim Perkins said.

The donations from ACME customers couldn't come at a better time with SNAP food stamp benefits cut just two months ago.

"$58,000. We'll put that to good use," Perkins said.

Perkins presented Philabundance President Bill Clark with the $58,000 check.

6abc General Manager Bernie Prazenica joined them to thank the Philabundance truck drivers who pick up food for distribution.

"It really comes down to the partners, ACME and Philabundance, their effort. So we're extremely proud of their efforts, of our stations efforts, so it's a great year," Prazenica said.

"We benefit here because I feel the people in the Delaware Valley are probably really more generous than average," Clark said.

For some Philabundance employees, the 2013 totals have been especially rewarding.

"I grew up in Michigan in the 70s and my family was food insecure for a period of time. So this is very personal to me. It allows me to give back, pay it forward so to speak, for all those people who helped my family out," Lisa Hodaei, Deputy Director of Food Acquisitions, said.

Next Thursday, January 16, Dunkin' Donuts will present a check to Philabundance for the money it has raised during the 2013 Food Drive.

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