Family: Wrong body shipped to Puerto Rico for burial

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. - January 8, 2014

Teresa Reyes Vega died last week.

According to her family, numerous relatives flew down to Puerto Rico where she was to be laid to rest.

They were shocked when they arrived to find a different body in the casket - shipped, they say, by the May Funeral Home in Pennsauken.

Action News spoke with Teresa Vega's granddaughter, Mahirym Holguin by Skype.

"We were wondering if they cremated her and that no one noticed the other person was missing. We were horrified and concerned, we were not going to get her back. We were concerned for the other family and wondering if they were going through the same thing or if they really didn't know about it."

The correct body is now in Puerto Rico, where the delayed funeral will now take place tomorrow.

The May Funeral Home has apologized to the family, and has promised to pay for all expenses caused by the mistake.

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