Save by shopping with discounted gift cards

Jan. 9, 2014

And then, they made their major purchases with discounted gift cards she bought from

Cardcash is a secondary gift card marketplace. The site buys unwanted gift cards for about 15% off the face value... And sells them to people who plan to shop at that particular retailer for 7-10% off.

Sellers get something back on cards that they would've probably lost or left unused. And buyers can spend the face value of the card -- even though they didn't pay that much.

Cardcash Chief Operating Officer Marc Ackerman says, "They're basically getting free money."

Anna saved 10% on Home Depot cards.

Eberman, of Huntingdon Valley, Pa., says, "When we went to buy our appliances, we bought a microwave and a fridge and an oven and I ended up saving myself $600. So then, coupled with other coupons, with what I saved, I could buy myself a dishwasher as well. It's hundreds of dollars that you can save."

And Cardcash guarantees their gift cards are worth what they say they are.

Ackerman explains, "In the event there's ever a balance missing, which is rare, I would say a tenth of a percent it happens, we go ahead and we have a 45-day guarantee where, if there's an issue with the card, we'll go back and refund the buyer in full. So there's no risk involved."

When you buy a discounted gift card, you can opt to have an actual card mailed to you -- that takes about four days -- or you can choose to have a code emailed to shop online. That takes 24 hours.

Sellers can opt for a check, a Paypal deposit or an Amazon-dot-com credit as payment.

There are other reliable sites that work basically the same way as, including and If you have cards to sell, you might want to see which site gives you the best offer.

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