Rain brings flooding concerns along Delaware River

MORRISVILLE, Pa. - January 11, 2014

First the arctic blast, then the ice jam now the constant rain.

"I think this rain is not going to be good for this situation," said Sharon Robinson.

It's an impressive but dangerous site as large sheets of ice could be seen on the banks of the Delaware River between Trenton, New Jersey and Morrisville, Pennsylvania.

A steady stream of people came to see the river.

"I've never seen it in my whole entire lifetime and I really that it's kind of awesome," said Donna Ekstrom.

"I've been in Trenton for 65 years and I've never seen anything like this. I've seen the river frozen but I've never seen anything like this before," said Robinson.

The major flooding concerns were there but they were lowered with the water level after a US Coast Guard cutter went to work opening up a channel Thursday.

The cutter was three miles south of Trenton but the job was done causing the river to flow a lot easier.

However as the temperature went up Saturday and the rain came down, local authorities kept that close watch upstream and downstream, only expecting some minor flooding.

"Some very small tributaries coming up rapidly and possibly coming out of their banks," said Scott Forester, Bucks County Emergency Services.

Those who came to snap some pictures on Delmorr Avenue in Morrisville say this is definitely the prime spot for Ice Jam 2014.

"We were north coming south and not a lot of ice jams up there. It just seems to be all down in this area, which is kind of strange," said Mark Kulchinsky.

Meanwhile, crews have brought out hoses, just in case the river needs to be pumped.

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