Groupon and DIY Beauty treatments

Jan. 24, 2014

"At Groupon, we offer all types of different experiences and treatments," Favin Gebremariam explains. "Most of our deals are discounted between 40%- and 60% and sometimes you can find deals for beauty at 90% discounts. So, really we want you to come checkout before you spend full price at any of the salons."

And while Groupon's deals like laser hair removal at 73% off can save you money and make you feel pampered, Favin's also discovered some Do-it-yourself beauty treatments that are extreme bargains.

"You can get the exact same results as if you went to the spa for really cheap and a lot of times you already have the products in your house," she says.

During winter, beauty is all about moisturzing.

For lips, Favin suggests a once-a-week lip scrub made from sugar, olive oil and honey.

"You just mix the three together until it's like a paste and then you take that paste -- you'll feel the granules of sugar -- you take that paste and you rub it on your lips inside your lip line and outside your lip line for a minute," she explains.

Favin also says you can make a great face mask out of milk, "gram" or garbanzo bean flour, and the Indian spice turmeric.

She explains that turmeric has many benefits. "It's by nature antibiotic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. And it's also shown to slow down the signs of aging and prevent acne."

She advises mixing the ingredients into a paste, spreading the paste on your face and letting it harden. After about 20 minutes, rinse it off.

She promises, "You'll be astonished at how smooth and silky your skin feels. I've never had anything done in a spa or at home that makes it feel like this."

To moisturize your hair, Favin suggests mixing an egg, a banana, an avocado, three tablespoons each of mayonaise and olive oil with 2 tablespoons of almond milk. Saturate your hair from roots to tips with the mixture and leave it on for two hours before shampooing.

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