Snow Globe at the Shubin Theater

January 19, 2014 The play is called Snow Globe and it revolves around 2 women living inside a snow globe as they try to understand the universe and their role in it.

Snow Globe is the story of Ingrid, the scientist and Sonja …a woman who relies on faith, says Charlotte Northeast, the actress who plays Ingrid, "it's science and religion and they come at it full tilt boogie and they just gotta figure it out."

Playwright Nicholas Wardigo adds, "I think it addresses a lot of classic philosophical questions-metaphysics, cosmology, why are we here, the origin of the universe."

And it's theatre of the absurd. The fact that the women's universe is a 15 by 15 foot snow globe is an unquestioned part of the plot.

"When I read it, I thought it was absolutely hysterically funny," says Amanda Schoonover, the actress who portrays Sonja.

Northeast says she, "also gravitated towards the fact that it's two women not talking about their boyfriends, not talking about PMS or anything; it's two women trying to figure out where they are and what they are."

Wardigo says, "I think you should come if you're into scrappy theatre, if you're into experimental theater, if you're interested in thought-provoking."

Snow Globe takes the stage at the Shubin Theatre January 23rd and runs through February 9th. For tickets and show times, go to

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