Philadelphia residents react to deep freeze

FRANKFORD - January 28, 2014

Everyone was bundled up at the bus stop at 5th and Market streets, bracing against the brutal cold.

They don't want to hear that there's snow in the forecast. We could all use a break.

"It's horrible. It's horrible. It's cold. It's frigid." Tatiana Bachus of Yardley, Pa. said.

Another day of frigid temperatures and people have brought out all the layers yet again to try to keep warm as they walk – quickly - to get where they need to go.

Behind the hats and scarves covering their cold heads, some people are willing themselves to think warm thoughts.

"I tell myself it's balmy. I think I am in Hawaii and then I run from my car to the building," Bachus said.

For parents, it's been a challenge dreaming up ways to keep the kids occupied during this long cold winter.

"It is because you can't get outside and do anything so you have to find indoor things for them to do," Angela Sheppard of McGuire Air Force Base said.

They're bracing against the wind at the bus stops, rushing to walk the dog, trying not to think of more snow on the way, but of the months ahead when the weather will again be warm.

"I can't wait till August. That's my birthday. I can't wait for the weather to change," Shermena Wright of Philadelphia said.

Commuters we spoke to using public transportation did see some weather related issues so far today, but SEPTA has been working to try to minimize the problems for commuters.

Plunging temperatures can pose challenges for transit systems - particularly on older vehicles and infrastructure.

SEPTA boosted staffing Tuesday. Yard personnel are on the lookout for equipment concerns that could crop up when temperatures drop.

The transit agency says they did see some weather related delays, but they were mostly minor.

On the Market-Frankford Line trains were making all stops so commuters would spend less time on cold platforms. Some said the best thing to do was to leave extra time and take your patience with you.

Customers are urged to check the status of SEPTA's services, especially during this cold weather. You can do so by visiting SEPTA's Sysytem Status page.

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